Continuing-Ed Courses

I have refreshed or expanded my skills with the following new media continuing-education courses:

  • Introduction to Blogging and Podcasting (PCA607)
  • Understanding Cloud Computing (PCA685)
  • Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5 (PCA606)
  • Intermediate CSS3 and HTML5 (PCP245)
  • Advanced CSS3 and HTML5 (PCPxxx)
  • Introduction to PHP and MySQL (PCP693)
  • Introduction to Edge Animate (PCA695)
  • Introduction/Refresher to Flash (PCP287)
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub (P105.07)
  • Introduction to Google Analytics (PCA657)
  • Introduction/Refresher to Illustrator (PCP271)
  • Introduction to InDesign (PCP266)
  • Introduction to Lightroom (PCAxxx)
  • Creating Mobile Applications with HTML5 (PCA567)
  • Introduction/Refresher to PhotoShop (PCP248)
  • Intermediate PhotoShop (PCP254)
  • Creating WordPress Web Sites (PCA658)
  • WordPress Theme Design (B128.26)

I‘ve also completed the following continuing legal education (CLE) courses:

  • Understanding the Second Amendment (Lawline)