Writing Samples

As my grandmother often said, I was born a writer. I spent 10 years as a technical writer for a large financial-software developer. I’ve tried to share my passion and knowledge by teaching various writing courses since 2004. I was “The Go-To Editor” at UB for major proposals, grants, and accreditation reports. Now I continue my love for words as a contributor for NBCUniversal.

I am a firm believer in logical organization, concise wording, and a simple—but elegant—prose style.

Scouting Report: Alzheimer’s Overview

Over the past few decades, Alzheimer’s disease has evolved from a rare brain disorder to a major public-health crisis. Today, experts believe as many as five million Americans may have Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, there are millions of family members and other caregivers significantly affected by this disease. Our aging population makes Alzheimer’s disease an especially critical issue.
Client: The Pat Summitt™ Foundation
Tools: Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Word

BioFlips: Healthcare for the Future

The development of microfluidic biochips (known as “BioFlips”) holds great potential for advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury. Biological microelectromechanical devices (BioMEMs), like other nanotechnologies, use microscopic chips to study and manipulate materials at an atomic or molecular level. The recent addition of microfluidic properties to these chips now allows researchers to collect, analyze, and control atomic quantities of liquid or gas directly on the microchip.
Client: self—academic white paper
Tools: Acrobat, Word

Recollector User Manual

I designed and created this documentation as the digital equivalent of the printed manuals (which I also wrote and designed).  I used simplistic HTML coding wherever possible to reduce the client’s future maintenance efforts.  Note: I’ve only included selective sections for illustration purposes.  The entire project contains more than 5,000 individual HTML pages.
Client: CheckFree Corporation,  Financial and Compliance Solutions Group
Tools: HTML, JavaScript, RoboHELP, Word

Healthcare for All

I co-wrote this article with one of my undergraduate students for The UB Post, the official campus newspaper of the University of Baltimore, to explain the Affordable Care Act to the UB community.
Client: The UB Post, reprinted with permission
Tools: Acrobat, Word

Project Strategy Proposal

I co-authored this proposal with the development officer in the Yale Gorden College of Liberal Arts to present our case for redesigning the College’s web site. It contains our rationale, proposal, schedule, time, and budget resource requests.
Client: UB, Yale Gorden College of Liberal Arts
Tools: Excel, Word

Academic Journal Article

I co-authored this article—“Equal Treatment under the Law: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Same-Sex Benefits Post-Windsor”—with one of my teaching colleagues for the prestigious Journal of Health and Human Services Administration. It was my first blind-refereed academic publication.
Publication: Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, LGBT Symposium issue (Fall 2014)
Tools: APA Publication Manual, Word